UFC 107 Analysis and Prediction For the BJ Penn Versus Diego Sanchez Fight

April 23, 2023 0 Comments

Beyond question, BJ “The Wonder” Penn is the best 155 pound on the planet. There is nobody in the division that can contact him. Most 155 pound contenders couldn’t contact him Yet Diego “Bad dream” Sanchez is certainly not a 155 pound warrior.

It very well may be astonishing for most that you would pick Diego Sanchez to beat BJ Penn yet he definitely dislikes greater contenders and he generally disapproves of warriors that like to press the activity. That and the +220 online games wagering chances, drives me to lay my cash on the longshot in this battle.

Diego is a somewhat better wrestling and he has better striking. The genuine deciding variable in why he will win this battle is pace. Diego Sanchez will push the speed of the battle and he will pressure the battles. BJ Penn likes to control his blended combative techniques battles yet when a warrior assumes command over the speed they normally can direct and beat BJ.

Additionally BJ Penn generally disapproves of contenders that are greater and more grounded than him. Penn lost to Georges St Pierre two times on the grounds that GSP was greater and he pushed the speed of the battle. Penn lost to Matt Hughes since he was not in that frame of mind close to the furthest limit of the battle Hughes pushed the speed and he was a greater contender.

Diego Sanchez is a major 155 pound warrior 토토. He is ordinarily a welterweight contender and might really battle at middleweight on the off chance that he needed to. He will cut a ton of weigh coming into this battle and after his weight cut, Sanchez will doubtlessly be at 170 pounds battle day. He will be a lot bigger and all the more remarkable contender and he will present Penn a few issues in view of Diego’s size.

Size will assume huge part in this battle, and Penn has not done so well with warriors that are greater than him. BJ rules same size contenders as he did with Kenny Florian and Sean Sherk. Yet, recall Sanchez is the greater contender and that is a central point while battling BJ Penn.

Diego is a warrior that is consistently in shape and he will pressure Penn when the battle begins. He will actually want to uphold Penn with his forceful tension and mistake him for his strikes and kicks. After the initial two rounds Penn will be depleted attempting to stay aware of Diego’s speed. At the point when Penn battled Matt Hughes the second time he was ruling him yet by cycle 3 he was running on empty and Hughes turned it up. His last battle with St Pierre he was getting lost his game and by cycle 4 he was unable to proceed. On the off chance that Diego can push the speed he will wear out Penn and take the battle in the last option adjusts.